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A list of some personal- and school projects I have done so far..

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TDDD23 – 2D AI Platformer Game

This is a 2D platformer game made for the course TDDD23 that challenges your creativity and gives you a freedom to play the game however you want to play it. It starts with a player waking up next to a magic(AI) book and not remembering anything. He, together with this book, goes on an adventure to find out more. The book is made using DoodleNet which is a pretrained model that uses “Googles Quick Draw!” dataset to train the model. This project was done together with Iris Kotsinas.

The code can be found here:  https://github.com/iriskotsinas/TDDD23_2D_game

Simple Chess Game

A short and fun side project created in THREE.js. A simple 3-D chess game was created to pass the time during the quarantine. It was fun and I learned a lot. I wanted to add a lot of other features but grew tired of the project and wanted to work on something else instead. Ill maybe return someday to add other features. But for the time being, its good enough hehe. The code can be found here: https://github.com/PhilipNgo/Chess-Game

Course TNM085 – Modelling and Simulation: Softbody Simulation

This project was done by using a lot of “spring mass damper systems” to simulate a soft body object. Each vertex of an object was treated like a mass and the connections between other vertices were the spring/damper. This gave the behavior we wanted and expected from a soft body object. The project was done with THREE.js and written by me and 3 classmates, Linn Storesund, Henrik Rosander and Viktor Tholén. The project was first done in 2D in MATLAB and then expanded into 3D with JavaScript and THREE.js. Once we got it to work in 2D, the 3D part was easier than what we expected. If you want the code for the project, feel free to contact us. 

Note: You have to press “Enter” to start the simulation. You can also drag your mouse around to navigate the scene.

WordPress Websites

 During my free time, I have been working on some WordPress websites for companies / student organization and focused mostly on design that they personally want. I will put all of the different websites in this block since they all fall into the same category.

Course TNM061 – 3D Computer Graphics Project

This project done by: Me, David Sundberg, Joel Paulsson  and Samuel Larsson. We came up with the low poly environment idea pretty quickly and started to work immediately. The idea was with the help Three.js to create the low poly environment. We wanted to create an “infinite” ocean with islands generating randomly. We divided our responsibilities into 3 parts, I would have responsibility over the water tiles, waves and islands.  David would have the 3D modelling of the aircraft and windmills, Joel  and Samuel would be in charge of the movement of the aircraft, creating the skybox for the infinite ocean and finding a way to incorporate the 3D models into code. Of course we branched out and helped each other but those were our main responsibilities. A short report of the project can be found  here. The game/environment can be found here:

How to play:
Fly with: W,A,S,D + Arrowkeys

Press “Esc” to change settings for the wavesspeedislands ect.

Course TNM040 – 2D Game: “Fluffs UI Adventure”

This project was for a course during my second year at university. I was in a group with 5 others, Henrik Rosander, David Sundberg, Viktor Tholén, Julius Halldan and Georgij Li. We decided to make a 2D game with Unity called Fluff’s UI adventure which was a game where the main character, called Fluff, has the mission to find a portal to reach the next level. Each level becomes harder and more “user friendly” meaning that the graphics becomes better, the music changes, etc. The first level is very dull and boring, wheres in the last level is pact with things. This was my first time working with Unity, luckily Viktor was pretty familiar with Unity and pretty much guided us whenever we ran into trouble. The code for the game can be found https://github.com/viktortholen/TNM040-project

Course TNM088 – Digital Media : 2D Animation Project

This project was for a course during the first year at university. I was in a group with 3 others, Johan Liu, Anne Olthoff and Elin Karlsson. We made a 2D animation of what depression feels like. The idea was to use sentences that describes what it feels like to be depressed and turn it into a short animation. There were four different sentences that were used and in the video, the third one was my contribution. It was our first time doing an animation and was very time consuming. We had to draw everything with a computer mouse since we didn’t have access to drawing pads. All in all, fun project to work with.